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        ?Husband replicates previous home to accommodate wife’s dementia
        A husband’s concern that his wife whom suffers from dementia would be confused in their new home came up with a unique idea; he replicated the new home identical to the old England home, according to the Daily Mail on Sept. 23.
        75-year-old Matt Muircroft lived in Berkshire with his wife, Julie, for thirty years before he decided to move to another town. Due to his wife’s medical condition, he wanted to be closer to family.
        Unfortunately, he was told this move would be a huge change in the surroundings and could cause anxiety and confusion for his wife.
        What is Alzheimer’s disease?
        This change was not a problem for Matt as he is a former decorator. He used his trade skills to replicate the new home exactly as the previous one, down to the color schemes, ornaments and even the positions of the photographs.
        A representative of Alzheimer Scotland, Arlene Crocket said what Matt did for his wife is an example of someone “going the extra mile for a loved one.”
        Matt humbly replied that helping his wife cope with her medical condition is currently his main focus. He added that the replication of the former home was the most important job in his life.
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        ?Principles of Effective Communication

        The audience is more likely to pay attention if you engage them in what you are talking about. You wouldn’t want to listen to someone with a dull tone of voice and reading from a sheet with the quietest voice ever, you want someone with a cheery tone and animations in their work, maybe even some humour to engage them.

        Use of Q the end of your presentation, you can ask the audience if they have any question they would like to ask, in case they missed any information or misheard. This is a communication skill, as it allows the audience to go over any information they missed or if they wanted to go more in depth to understand a bit more about the presentation or thing you are talking about.

        Their many other ways that you can communicate rather than just talking. Such as facial expressions, body language and even the tone of your voice. With facial expression you can tell how someone is feeling and how they feel about what they are doing and talking about. Body language is another way of showing someone how you are feeling, sloping, not paying attention and crossing your arms will tell someone that you are bored and don’t really want to be their rather. If you were leaning forward, paying attention, asking questions about what you didn’t understand, then that would show someone, that you did want to be there and that you acknowledged what they were talking about. The tone of your voice is also a good way of keeping the audience interested, if you were just standing their talking with the dullest tone, you are more likely to put them to sleep, but you if you put a bit of confidence in your tone and a go ahead attitude and humour you will keep the audience engaged.

        Asking the right kind of question is a good way of communicating. There are 3 kinds of questions open, closed and probing. Open questions are good questions to ask, as they can be answered in loads of ways. ‘do you want to go to get some ice cream?’ it is a good question if you want to learn something specific about someone or to learn something. spelling mistakes, punctuation etc. You have to be very accurate if you are a proofreader because proofreading is the last stage of typography before publication. There are ways to check you are being accurate such as scanning, where you scan a persons work to look for simple errors, without reading it word for word. There is also double reading, where you pass it onto a second proof reader, to double check the piece of work and to also check the first proof readers work, to see if he has done it right or not.

        Capitalisation is writing a word with its first letter in capitals and the remaining letters in lower case. It varies in language. Many european languages capitilize nouns and pronouns.

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        ?Clinton Urged To Press Mexico On Migrants Safety

        assistance to Mexico,” the group of legislators headed by Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said in a letter sent Friday to Clinton.

        The United States has pledged some $1.6 billion to Mexico through the Merida Initiative, which was launched in 2008 to combat drug trafficking and organized crime in Mexico and Central America.

        The State Department said Friday it has already disbursed $700 million of that total, with the figure set to rise to $900 million by year’s end.

        Through that initiative, the United States has provided significant support to Mexico’s Federal Police and the INM, the lawmakers said, but “regretfully, agents from these same agencies have also been implicated in multiple cases of abuse of migrants.”

        They recalled that, according to a report released in February by Mexico’s independent National Human Rights Commission, or CNDH, 11,333 migrants were kidnapping victims between April and September 2010.

        Apart from the abductions, migrants heading north “are also frequently subjected to other abuses during their journey such as torture, extortion, and robbery; approximately six in 10 migrant women are raped,” the letter said.

        “In investigations conducted by the CNDH, they found that nearly 9 percent of migrants who were victims signaled the collusion or direct participation of agents from the INM or federal, state, or local police.”

        The letter also referred to the 2010 massacre in the northern state of Tamaulipas of 72 mostly Central American illegal migrants – apparently after they refused to work for a drug cartel – and said it put the spotlight on the perilous journey migrants face, although the lawmakers said that “since then little has been done to effectively address this humanitarian crisis.”

        The lawmakers said that “while the United States immigration debate focuses on the status of migrants already in this country, little has been said about what happens to migrants before they arrive.”

        “Traveling from Mexico or Central America to the United States is one of the most dangerous journeys in the world, and letting the violence and abuse continue isn’t in anyone’s interest.”

        They therefore called on Clinton to pressure the Mexican government to take steps to protect the safety of migrants traversing Mexican territory, as well as of activists seeking to shield them from abuse.

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